There are 2 freelancing “stories” you can tell yourself. Which one do you choose?

There are 2 basic stories you can tell yourself (and/or other people) about freelancing.

Option A:

  • It’s hard to find clients.
  • There’s too much competition.
  • There aren’t enough high paying clients.
  • I can’t compete against people with more experience, more credentials, etc.
  • Clients always want to pay the smallest amount possible.
  • I can’t compete against people who charge less than I do.
  • Good clients are hard to find.
  • Clients don’t want to pay me what I’m worth.

Option B:

  • Great clients are literally everywhere.
  • I decide how much I get paid.
  • Most clients are happy to pay more for quality.
  • There are tens of millions of great clients waiting to meet me right now.
  • Clients say their number-one challenge is finding good freelancers to hire! They’ll be thrilled to meet me.
  • I can get tons of great clients without ever competing on price.
  • Clients don’t really care how much experience I have as long as I do good work, care about helping them win, and make their life easier.
  • There is an enormous and ever-expanding supply of great clients for anyone who wants them.
  • Clients like to pay more if they know they’re getting quality in return.
  • I can make a fantastic living freelancing with just a handful of great clients.

Two things to keep in mind:

  1. You can choose whichever story you want to.
  2. Whichever one you believe will be the one that is true for you.

Which story do you want to choose?

Leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts.

(Flickr Creative Commons image via Phil Shirley)

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